Elite Tree Removal of Columbia

Gerarod Vargas
Gerarod Vargas
Had two big trees removed in our front yard. They did such a great job I asked for them to come back to trim three more in the back the following week. The crew showed up on time and exhibited all qualities of a well run local operation. We have our own small business based in Shandon, and appreciate others who treat each job like they would on their own property. You have earned a new regular customer.
Robert Herrera
Robert Herrera
Linwood made a point of making sure we knew exactly what we were paying for line by line, to get our tree cut down. He explained which equipment would be used, how many workers would be on the job, and a rough estimate of the hours it would take (which ended up being just 2 hours off). This team is made up of seasoned professionals, not just a couple of guys in a truck looking to make an extra dollar. Hands down my new go-to tree service in Rosewood. I’ve given their info to a few of our neighbors as well.
Brendon Sneller
Brendon Sneller
We requested emergency service last month after Hurricane Ida. We rent out the second floor of our Heathwood home to another family. A few branches of our 50’ oak nearly scared them half to death after falling a few feet from their bedroom window. The tree was not leaning over the house or already falling over, so we understood that others in the area would have priority. Still though, Elite Tree Removal of Columbia removed the tree within the timeframe set and got out to us in just two days.
Miranda Kamche
Miranda Kamche
Linwood went above and beyond to make sure we were satisfied with our tree removal process this past summer. We needed 6 trees felled and hauled off to make a large clearing for our daughter’s wedding ceremony in our backyard in Melrose Heights. We also wanted to trim back the other 5 trees left standing around the perimeter. Of 3 licensed and trained companies, they gave us the best price and timeline. The crew of 5 did an outstanding job and finished a day earlier than anticipated. This gave us extra time to prepare for the wedding so we were thrilled.
gwei gweichangong
gwei gweichangong
I had various trees across our property taken down by Elite Tree Removal of Columbia over the past year. They were the only company who kept our original appointment and gave us a good price to seal the deal. We agreed on pricing for all of the trees up front and just spaced out each removal to make it more budget friendly. They did offer a better rate to get it all done at once but it worked out better for us to do it one at a time. Excellent communication and service. Will definitely call them to come back to Waverly in the spring to prune the ones we have left (and hopefully some of our neighbors as well!).
Cleve Walker
Cleve Walker
Very satisfied. Thank you.
Finn Schulte
Finn Schulte
Elite Tree Removal of Columbia removed two trees for me in tricky areas - one intertwined with electric wires and another adjacent to the neighbor's fence. The trees were in my garden so that no machinery could be used in that area - they had to climb the trees and take them down bit by bit. They worked efficiently, were careful about my garden, and did a great job! The owner, Linwood, responded to my request for a quote within a day, came out the next day to give an estimate, and were able to do the work a few days later. Their price was also the best of the quotes I had received. Very pleased!! Great Service! "
Nicholas Bodin
Nicholas Bodin
Elite Tree Removal of Columbia arrived on time, as promised. I did an excellent job of removing the bushes that I requested and left them clean and neat I would recommend them.
Graysen Bear
Graysen Bear
I obtained 5 quotes to get lots of bushes and trees removed, and they were not only the best priced but exceptional work and left my property super clean.
Ghopy Nehan
Ghopy Nehan
Elite Tree Removal of Columbia did a great job on my tree. A part of it fell during recent storms. Another company cleaned up but would not go up that high and refused to do the work. I called them, and they had no problem with the job. They came on time and went to work; it was poetry in motion watching how they worked. I would call them again without hesitation and refer their services to anyone. They are reasonably priced as well. Great job, Elite Tree Removal of Columbia.

Tree removal in Columbia, SC

Dead or dying tree? We can help.

Tree removal can be crucial to the safety of your family and your property. Why is tree removal important? It is important to remove a tree that is unhealthy or damaged to prevent disastrous falling whether it will happen on its own, or from a hurricane, tornado, tropical storm, or even a reckless car on the road. If a tree on your property looks like it may cause a problem soon, but you are unsure what to do, please give us a call and we will gladly resolve your worries. Are tree removal companies considered essential? Tree removal companies in Columbia SC are considered essential during this tough time we are all currently facing. Due to the safety our company and industry provides for our fellow residents and neighbors, our services for tree removal in Columbia SC are continuing. We work cautiously, always treating our customers properties like our own, and leaving them both clear and cleaner than before we start our job. Client satisfaction and safe, efficient tree removal is our number one goal and we have been proudly serving our community for a very long time, bringing further beauty throughout home and business properties around Columbia. Speaking of client safety, during COVID-19 we are providing non-contact tree removal services, just to keep everyone in our home town as safe as possible.

Everyday Tree Services We Provide

We provide a full range of tree services in and around Columbia, SC, such as tree removal, stump grinding, tree trimming and pruning, preservation, tree cabling, and mulching. No matter what you need done, especially in an emergency, we will bring safe and effective results.

Tree removal

Tree Removal

Our main service to our customers is cutting down and removing unhealthy or unwanted trees, that may be a danger to your family and property.
Stump Grinding

Stump Grinding

If you have recently cut down a tree, but left the stump, we can safely and efficiently grind and remove your unsightly stump to refresh your property.
Tree Trimming

Tree Trimming

Our tree trimming services help homeowners get rid of unhealthy or hazardous branches, and provide a beautiful refresh to your tree shape.
Tree Pruning

Tree Pruning

Pruning your tree often will help you avoid interference with overlapping telephone cables and other obstacles.
Tree Preservation

Tree Preservation

If your trees are changing color, or roots are growing fungus, we will help diagnose and preserve your tree before further rot.
Tree Cabling

Tree Cabling

If your trees are leaning or sloping, and growing in irregular directions, we can cable your trees to redirect their vertical growth.
Tree Mulching

Tree Mulching

New mulch can provide your tree with healthy nutrients for its roots, to grow fuller, increasing its lifetime.
Emergency Tree Service

Emergency Tree Service

Storms in Columbia can cause serious damage to your property by falling trees. We provide 24/7 emergency services.

Elite Tree Removal saved me a lot of headache after my tree started tipping after a storm. Luckily they came by before the old oak fell on my home. They were quick and made me feel safe and comfortable with the process!

Michelle M.

I cannot thank these young men enough. I live by myself now and arbor and garden maintenance has been hard for me, as I’ve gotten older. They came over and took a few trees down the same day I called. Real professionals.

Bridget L.

My wife and I noticed a few trees on our property that were rotting. Marcus and his team showed up on time and diagnosed the trees in question. They were able to save two and remove the other three safely. Thank you!

Francis P.


What is tree pruning?

Along with tree removal, we offer tree pruning and tree cutting services. Maintenance of a tree can save you money in the long run from falling branches, unhealthy trees needing to be removed, and early dying trees. Pruning and cutting are the key here. Proper maintenance will preserve a trees life span and leave you looking at a beautiful property each and every day, rather than once every few years if you do not already have regular maintenance. This all comes at affordable pricing, when you hire our company. We have studied and tended to trees and tree care as professionals for many years, and though we know our stuff, new research is always coming out for tree health, and we believe in providing our customers with the most up to date, eco-friendly solutions to their arborist needs. We care for our clients property as if it is our own, and guarantee to complete a project up to and beyond your expectations. Aside from keeping our clients safe when removing unhealthy or unsightly trees, nothing makes us more satisfied than seeing our customers happy with the renewed view of their healthy trimmed trees.

How much does tree removal cost?

Our tree removal cost is based on the size of the tree, type of tree, diameter, amount of trees, proximity to hazards, along with several other variables. For the most accurate and affordable cost, give us a call to discuss your particular situation, and we will give you a custom quote based on your needs. Some companies add their equipment rental fees to your final bill, but we own all of our state of the art, efficient tree removal equipment, which helps give our neighbors across Columbia SC the best possible pricing. We pride ourselves on our customer service and always push to provide the best price around for tree removal services in Columbia SC. Many times, we provide lower pricing and better quality attention to detail on the job than shoddy arborists who have their pockets in mind before your gratification. We would rather build a long lasting relationship with our neighbors of Columbia SC than focus on just our pocket books.

Can't afford tree removal?

If you do not believe you can afford tree removal, give us a call. We provide truly cost-efficient pricing for safe and speedy removal. A lot of people think about the upfront cost of tree removal, but if you have a tree on your property and find an inexperienced arborist or decide to do it yourself, be aware that the problem may become more expensive over time. A bad tree removal job can lead to fallen trees on homes, cars, fences, neighbors property, or worse of all, you or your loved ones. We have had many customers that share stories like this with us and always let us know how they wish they decided to call us sooner. Tree removal may seem pricey, but more importantly it is an investment into a higher quality property for your family, not to mention higher property value.

Is tree removal covered by insurance?

Depending on the situation, tree removal can be covered by insurance in Columbia SC. If a tree has fallen on your home during a storm, and this is part of your property insurance contract, you are covered. We advise our customers to double check with their providers to see if they will have to pay out of pocket or if it can be covered. Either way, we promise to provide cost efficient services to make your experience with us more of a joy than a headache. Asking your home insurance company these questions can lead you to savings for your tree removal endeavors in Columbia SC.

Is tree removal considered landscaping?

Depending on the situation, tree removal can be covered by insurance in Columbia SC. If a tree has fallen on your home during a storm, and this is part of your property insurance contract, you are covered. We advise our customers to double check with their providers to see if they will have to pay out of pocket or if it can be covered. Either way, we promise to provide cost efficient services to make your experience with us more of a joy than a headache. Asking your home insurance company these questions can lead you to savings for your tree removal endeavors in Columbia SC.

Can tree removal be capitalized and tax deductible?

If you are curious about how tree removal plays into your taxes, it is generally known that trees that you have removed for the safety of your home, family, and property are deductible and you can claim and file as an expense. Also when you remove a tree after an unforeseen storm or other accident like a car crash, where your tree is unsafely damaged, our tree removal services would likely be tax deductible as an expense. On the other hand, if your tree was not damaged, or if there is no risk of safety to your property and those living on the property, and you are just giving your place a new look, tree removal in Columbia SC in these cases would not be deductible. All of that being said, we are not giving legal advice and advise you to ask an accountant for further information.

How do we deal with tree stump removal?

We both grind and fully remove stumps. Our equipment is top of the line, and gets the job done better than most equipment used in the industry. With our technique and knowledge from years of experience in the field, we handle our equipment carefully to leave your property healthy and beautiful, so you don’t have to look at another ugly stump again. If your stump is attached to considerably sized roots, they can become a detriment in later projects on your property. Extensive root systems can prevent or make hardscaping, landscaping, or additional projects more difficult down the road. If you are planning any of these ventures on your land, we will give you our best knowledge for you to have a successful new look on your property. Stumps can be a safety hazard as well. We have several customers that tell us of their children playing in their backyard and tripping on tree stumps they forget are there. We have your family’s safety in mind when we come to a job, and we are ready for the job 100% of the time.

How to decide on the right arborist?

To answer this further, we ask another question that customers have for us. Are tree removal companies licensed? In Columbia SC, tree removal companies do not legally have to hold a license, so it can be difficult to find and trust a local arborist who will provide a job well done, every time. Call us, and you can rest assured knowing we are experienced, certified tree removal professionals. The difference between our company and our competition is our customer satisfaction guarantee. We promise to leave your property better looking than it was before we stepped foot onto your property. All of our tree services are performed in the most responsible and environmentally sustainable fashion, to keep your trees and the surrounding nature thriving for years.

Can't afford tree removal?

We can tell what type of tree was planted there originally, as well as newer ones that may need some maintenance or just removed altogether. The first step in tree removal is to make sure any dead material like limbs and leaves are removed before we begin our work. We have a full range of services and will be glad to help you with all your needs, including tree trimming or felling. We also remove damaged trees as well as those that are diseased or pose a danger to the safety of your family or structure.

If you are looking for tree removal services in Columbia, SC, then we are the company to call. Our services include consultation on what type of tree is best for your property and how much it will cost. Once hired, we do our utmost not only to provide a professional service but also restore the site back to normal before we leave. We have served this community for close to 30 years and take pride in providing success with every customer that hires us. The steps to hiring the perfect Columbia tree removal company begins with finding out information about what kind of trees were planted there originally or need additional plantations as well as removing any dead or diseased trees from your property so as not to attract bugs infested with fungus – one more thing spiders love! Working with us can make your home or business property a lot more attractive and we are always up for working with you on the next project to make sure all your needs are met.

In order to keep your property healthy and clean from unwanted pests, it is important to hire a professional tree service company that knows about more than just tree removal but also ongoing tree health. Not only do we provide many services that other tree companies may not offer but we take pride in our work as well as the jobsite being clean and safe for the environment, you and your family. Our experts are prepared to work with just about any tree or plants on your property.

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