Stump Removal

Why Remove Tree Stumps?

Whether you’re ready to premium garden maintenance, or are looking to fully remove the unsightly tree stump on your property, our team is here with all the experience and services you need under one roof. In removing your stump, our qualified tree contractors access the complete root system underneath the top layer of your property performing an entire tree stump removal revealing a flat and cleared land ready for any future landscaping or property upgrade projects. If you’re looking for a flattened landscape our skilled technicians offer heavy-duty stump grinding, meaning we are the company eager to get any of your stump services underway.

Stump Removal

There are many advantages to complete stump removal operations, perhaps you’re looking to ready a property for large-scale renovations or are interested in accessing underground utilities impacted by stump root systems, whatever the purpose our team provides professional assessment and customized planning to achieve an efficient and entire tree stump removal. After our work is finished, you are able to use your now cleared and flattened land for anything you desire, moving forward with confidence our capable team addressed all signs of underground roots and above-ground tree stumps.

Professional Stump Grinding

If you’re looking to efficiently and easily remove all trace of a tree stump, grinding services are a fantastic way to level a landscape in a short amount of time. Unnoticed tree stumps on a property pose a threat to all passing foot traffic as a tripping hazard and can become a source of frustration if planning gardening and landscape projects. Allow us to operate heavy-duty stumps grinding machines that effectively grind and sand away your tree stump to just millimeters of the flat and leveled trunk for the perfect property foundation.

Removal and Grinding Machines

In bringing a plethora of tree stump equipment and machines to your services, our team effectively remove your nuisance of a tree stump from your land. Through many years of industry experience, our team has invested in acquiring the latest, state of the art machines ready to tackle even the hardest to shift tree trunks. When you’re ready to use every square foot of your land by removing or grinding away tree stumps, we are the qualified team of contractors armed with all the high-quality tools and equipment needed for a successful outcome.

Benefits of Professional Services

After a tree is removed from landscapes, all that typically remains is a stump. If you’re looking for the flattest landscape, leveled as close to the ground as possible, our trained tree technicians are here to help. Guaranteeing a high standard in our workmanship, we are straight to the job site ready to tackle all of your tree trunk tasks. We never compromise on the quality of our equipment or standard in our services meaning you’ll not only be happy with our work today but for years to come. Don’t hesitate in owning the clear and leveled land you’re after, let us professionally remove and grind away that pesky tree stump for you.

Top 8 Advantages of Stump Grinding for your Property

1. A cleaner yard –  Relieve your property of unnecessary clutter, and ultimately safety hazards.

2. Stump grinding is better for the environment – We offer stump grindings instead of tree removal so that you can have a cleaner yard and supporting mother nature at the same time! Don’t use pesticides or herbicides on your lawn when there are more sustainable ways to remove undesired plants.

3. Grinding stumps keeps your property looking beautiful without unsightly roots in your garden.

4. No need to have a tree killed and then cut into pieces – Simply call up our experts at Elite Tree Removal if you need help with getting rid of some trees from your property because we will always be glad to help out!

5. Stump grinding is better for the environment

6. The ground will dry out faster after stumping which can lead to healthier soil conditions

7. Extra space on your property for other trees or flowers, etc…

8. Eliminates any possible safety hazard if a branch falls off of the stump while you are mowing or doing work outside around that area of the property.

What can stump removal tell you about the health of your property?

We provide stump grinding services for residential as well as commercial properties. Trees will be ground down to stump level, keeping the stump intact when possible and leaving only a stump hole filled with mulch after the process is complete. When combined with other tree removal cleanups, stump grinding can allow your property to look clear of cluttering messes while creating space for new growth to take place. If you want a stump ground down in Columbia that you’ll be happy with, it’s time get started! You never know what stump grinding will uncover about your trees. Could there be rotting wood or hidden dangers that stump grinding could reveal? Who knows, but if you keep up with regular professional stump grinding, you’ll be sure to keep your property in great shape! The process provides the perfect opportunity to remove dangerous trees and make room for healthier replacements. It also makes stump removal a great choice if you need some extra space on your property. Whether it’s just more space or you’re running into pesky stump holes that grinding a stump can quickly help with, this is a service we at Elite Tree Removal are happy to provide.